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Translation transcription
Translation by qualified translators who are native language speakers

We recognise that translation needs to be accurate but that it also needs to be idiomatic. A translation into French, for example, will be made by a French national except if your document is specifically designed for the Belgian community, where regional dialects exist and the language differs from the French language spoken in Paris, in which case we will use the services of a professional Belgian translator.

In order to ensure technical accuracy we also try to use translators who have experience in your specific field, whether that be marketing, legal, insurance, pharmaceutical, IT, etc.

We can translate legal, insurance and technical documents, CVs, websites, certificates, witness statements, and more – any document no matter how large or small.

If urgent we can give a very fast turnaround.

Please be specific about the purpose of the translation that you seek as it could impact significantly on price. For example, if you would like a translation for the purpose of understand a document that has been sent to you then that requires far less work than a translation for the purpose of being written into a contract where each word used may have a significant impact on the legal effect of the final document.

Sworn Translations

We also can provide sworn translations from/to any language for use in courts, legal documents, contracts, official statements etc.

Sworn document translations are provided in an electronic format and as a hard copy, stamped and certified.

Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions or queries.

Web Applications

Virtual translation tools such as Google Translate are good, but cannot provide a perfect translation in the way that a team of native qualified translators will.

We can provide translation in Unicode and Non-Unicode files for those of our clients wishing to have their website available in languages such as Arabic, Mandarin or Russian.

Drastically improve your Google rating by attracting more traffic to your site as the result of making it available in multiple languages.

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