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Olympus VN-731PC and Olympus VN-732PC Digital Voice Recorder / Dictaphone

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Olympus VN-731PC VN-732PCThe Olympus VN-731PC and VN-732PC

Product Description

The Olympus VN-731PC and VN-732PC: Simple and easy to use recorder provides essential functions – ideal for beginners

These models replace the hugely successful VN-712PC. The entry-level VN series is the ideal solution for recording your voice. With its large LCD screen and speaker, the front panel is designed to be familiar and convenient. Ease-of-use was Olympus’ prime motivation when designing the front-panel buttons, and as a result, even the beginners can make full use of this device.

Clear recording

A large-diameter low-noise microphone for clear recording

The large diameter microphone records sound from all directions with less noise providing clearer recordings. The recorder also eliminates breathing sounds which makes it ideal for dictation.

Built-in stand

The built-in stand attached to the back of the body props up the recorder so the display can be viewed and buttons are accessed more easily. The stand also contributes to high quality recording by reducing the noise emitted directly from a surface.


Simple mode perfect for beginners
Simple mode – perfect for beginners

The simple mode supports beginners by having the recorder display only the necessary information in large font. It also limits the functions in the menu to those most frequently used. For advanced users, the normal mode with full functionality is recommended.

The “Telephone Recording” and “Duplication” for Scene Select

By simply selecting from the menu, you can set optimum recording settings according to the scenes. “Telephone Recording” and “Duplication” have been added as options that are available when the recorder is used in combination with accessories. It is possible to easily record telephone conversations or duplicate from cassette tapes.

790 Hours of Recording Time and 100 Hours of Battery Life

With 2 GB of internal memory and up to 790 hours of recording time, you are able to capture notes, lectures, and more and still have room to store documents.

With over 100 hours of battery life your voice recorder will still be going strong long after your Smartphone has died.

Calendar search function makes finding files easyCalendar search function

Audio files saved on the recorder can be automatically managed via date, with a calendar-like display provided for easier access.

The VN series of recorders has a direct button for calling up this calendar. And of course the ability to be able to search for files is one of the key attractions of a digital voice recorder. What’s more, with this model earphones are provided out of the box.

Optimum trouble-free recording with Scene Select

By simply selecting from the recording menu, you can sOptimum trouble-free recording with Scene Selectet optimum recording settings according to the scenes. With four modes and one user configuration, enable anyone to easily achieve trouble-free, high-quality recording.

Low noise microphone optimised to enhance voice recording

The Olympus VN is equipped with a high performance monaural omni-directional microphone that collects sounds clearly from all directions. The improved microphone S/N (Signal to Noise) ratio enables clearer voice recording. The built-in stand cleverly located at the back of the body is designed to reduce the noise from the surface when the recorder is placed on a tabletop.

2GB and 4GB internal memory for up to 1600 hours recording, PLUS microSD card expansion slot

A large-diameter low-noise microphone for clear recordingAn incredible 790 hours of recording time is offered by the VN-731PC in LP mode thanks to its expansive 2GB internal memory and the VN-732PC offers 1600 hours of record time thanks to its larger 4GB memory capacity. Users can also save up to 200 recordings in each of the five available folders. The fact that the recorder has a slot for an optional microSD card means that the capacity can be expanded to an additional degree, dictated by the size of the card inserted, with up to 32GB supported.

Thanks to 99 index marks, important sections of a recording can also be earmarked for easier retrieval and playback.

By selecting from the recording menu, the VN further allows optimum recording settings to be set according to ‘scenes’ – for example a business meeting, conference, voice memo and so forth. With four modes and one user configuration, anyone can achieve stress free high quality recording.

Long battery lifeOlympus ME-33 chain connected microphones

Additional benefits include longer battery life and the convenience of power coming courtesy of 2x alkaline AAA batteries – so this is one device that truly won’t leave you lost for words.

Lightweight and portable

The VN range measures a compact and diminutive 108x39x16.8mm and won’t weigh heavy on your pocket, purse, or wallet for that matter. In short it’s a simple yet complete solution for digital recording and playback.

Capable of being connected to external Olympus ME-33 Microphone(s) for group recordings

Connect one or more ME-33 microphones to your Olympus VN and effortlessly record large groups. The ME-33 microphones are available through Type It Tiger (click on the link if you are interested).

Compare the Olympus VN-731PC versus Olympus VN-732PC:
Basic Specifications
Internal Memory
External Memory
(up to 32GB)
PC Connectivity
USB Cable
Portable USB Cable
Recording Format
Battery Required
2-AAA alkaline or NI-MH rechargeable battery
2-AAA alkaline or NI-MH rechargeable battery
Battery Charge (USB/AC)
Max. Recording Time
790 hours
1600 hours
Max. Battery Life (Recording)
100 hours
100 hours
Low Cut Filter
Recording Scene Select
Noise Cancel
Playback Speed Control
2.0x – 0.5x
2.0x – 0.5x
EAN  4545350045555  4545350045579
Manufacturer Number V405231TE000
Weight (including battery)
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