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Looking for Typing or Transcription Services Work?

  • Are you a capable typist?
  • Do you have experience with audio or copy transcription?
  • Do you have a speciality (e.g. legal or medical)?

If the answers to these questions is yes then we would be interested to hear from you as we may have your next job.

Job Announcements

There are always more people looking for transcription work with Type It Tiger than we have work available to offer. We usually post job opportunities on social media as soon as they arise and so give yourself the best chance of success by discovering vacancies as soon as they are announced – Follow us on Twitter by clicking on the link below:

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Working with us has the following benefits:

flexible secretarial, transcription and typing work

  • Be paid promptly for every hour worked
  • Work from wherever you are and avoid commuting
  • Flexible hours means that you work only when you want to work

In the 21st century we all find ourselves juggling multiple commitments. Perhaps it is parenting or caring for an infirmed relative,  or maybe it is study or other personal issues, whatever the reason sometimes it is just not possible to commit to a nine to five job. Work from home jobs are the answer.

How much better would it be if you were able to work flexible hours from home? Instead of fitting your personal life around work, why not fit your work around your personal commitments?

Would you consider earning money in your own time and to work from home when it suits you without having to leave the house?

Perhaps you have time available to work in the evening after the children are in bed when a conventional office is closed. Flexible working hours are available with work from home jobs.

Imagine: No petrol costs, no train or bus fares, no traffic queues or having to come home alone late at night. No scraping the frost from the windscreen at 7am, no having to say to your friends that you can’t go out because you have to work late!

Do you have language skills that may qualify you to do translation work?


Please remember that the success of Type It Tiger is down to the skill and professionalism of our people. We do not accept just anybody. To work for Type It Tiger you neeed to qualify and to be competent and organised in a few areas:

Do you have a good command of the English language? Professional people such as lawyers, doctors and surveyors all use a broad vocabulary and in, some circumstances, technical terms. Unless you have a good command of the English language you will be unable to satisfactorily complete an assignment for Type It Tiger.

How is your spelling and grammar? Be honest with yourself here. All work is proof read before being returned to clients and any work that contains errors will be sent back to you for correction. Not only does this increase the time that it will take you to complete an assignment but if the problem persists then it will result in your engagement with the company being terminated and, in circumstances where another person is required to correct your mistakes you will not be eligible to receive payment for that work as you will be deemed not to have completed the assignment.

How fast can you type? You will need to have a minimum typing speed  of 70 words per minute. There are many reasons for this criteria. Firstly, work often needs to be completed quickly, often within 24 hours. Secondly, you need to be able to type at a rate that is close to a speech rate or else you will spend more time rewinding the audio file than you will typing! [Speech varies in speed and while presentations are usually given slowly at close to 100 words per minute although normal speech is closer to 150 – 160 words per minute]. Finally, you will be paid a fixed rate for an assignment regardless of how long it takes you to complete it. If you are a slow typist then your hourly pay rate decreases because you are taking so long to type the words – [Trivia: According to the Guinness Book of World Records a lady named Barbara Blackburn was the fastest English language typist achieving 150 WPM on average for a full 50 minutes and 170 WPM for shorter periods of time momentarily achieving speeds as high as 216 WPM on occasions. Unfortunately Barbara never worked for Type It Tiger and regrettably she passed away in 2008.] Typing Services Speed Test

Are you really available at the times you’ve said you’re available? Flexible working hours do not necessarily mean that you should not have a structure to your working timetable. If you are called upon to complete an assignment of work on several occasions and you are unavailable to do so then you will find that very soon we will offer work to others before offering it to you. This could impact on the quantity of work available to you which in turn will reduce your ability to earn money.

If, having read this page, you believe that you are ready, willing and able to work for Type It Tiger as a typist, transcriptionist or for other secretarial work then please do make contact with us.

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