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Typing and Transcription Services improve your Website Ranking

You may ask yourself what typing and transcription services could possibly have to do with websites development or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The answer is far more than you may have first imagined.

Canny business people and entrepreneurs utilise typing services in order to improve the ranking of their websites.

The holy grail for website developers is to rank well with search engines such as Google. By doing so the website will be easily found by surfers on the world wide web. This is perfectly logical –  the sole purpose of having a website is that you are able to communicate with your target audience and so you will want to take all reasonable steps to ensure that your website is presented by search engines to those people. Ensuring that your website ranks high on search engines such as Google is an art known as SEO.

So what does this have to do with typing and transcription I hear you ask.

Be patient and all will become clear.

There are a number of factors which help towards achieving good SEO but one of the key elements is the quantity of content or information found on your website. This too is perfectly logical. If an Internet user is searching for something using Google and the search engine finds several websites that exist on that particular topic then it is fair for it to assume that the most valuable of those websites will be the one with the most content relating to that subject matter. Accordingly, all else being equal, Google will rank a website with the most content higher than all others and that website will then be found most frequently by people searching for information on its subject matter (this is one of the reasons that Wikipedia ranks so high on most subjects – few other websites can compete with the amount of information that it contains.)

So content is king, but there are some very important rules and guidelines that you need to bear in mind when populating your website with content. Content needs to be unique – Google does not like plagiarism and so forget about copying content from other websites in order to stick it on your own website – this is known as a ‘black hat’ technique and you will be penalised by Google for duplicating content. The penalty will result in you not appearing in Google searches (after all, why would Google point people to your website when it contains nothing more than is to be found on other websites?).

A library would not stock a book which had the same content as an already published book where one author simply copied another – the same is true for websites on the Internet, so consider Google to be the librarian of the Internet!

So what you need is unique content and, more particularly, regular additions to the content. Google does not like old stale websites that have contained the same content for many years. Instead they look for websites which, like a magazine, constantly publish new information.

This is where typing and transcription services come to the fore. You need to add regular content to your website at a rate of at least a few pages (a few thousand words) each month but do you really want to type that information yourself? Of course not!

Outsource your work to Type It Tiger by recording your content on your mobile phone or some other recording device and then send it to us. We will then type it within 24 hours and return it to you ready to be published on your website. One less job for you to worry about and more time to focus on your core business activities (which are certainly not typing!).

Alternatively, outsource the research to Type It Tiger too. Tell us the topic that you would like added to your website and how many words you wish to include and we will do ALL of the hard work for you: we will research the subject, draft the document and type it for you. What could be better than that? If you want an article each week and every article needs to be 1,000 words then give us the subject matter and we will supply you with a new typed article every week for you to publish on your website. Publishing 52 new pages of relevant information on your website in the first year will surely propel you up the Google rankings.

Make typing and transcription services an integral part of your website design and management program. Start building quality website content today.

Moreover, if you require any help in designing, developing or maintaining your website Type It Tiger also offers that service. See our website service on our website at

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