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Types of Transcription

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Types of transcription

There are many types of typing transcription work undertaken by secretarial outsourcing firms such as Type It Tiger. Some of these typing transcription categorisations are, without limitation:

Legal Transcription: This transcription is used by law firms, courts, etcetera. and might include depositions, hearings, general correspondence, etcetera.

Medical Transcription: This transcription is used for any transcription of progress notes, patient summaries, etcetera. These reports are generally short in nature, but usually present themselves with many in one day. It is customary that a medical transcriptionist be certified, as medical terminology can be very detailed and difficult.

Academic Transcription: This is pretty self-explanatory, but it entails work from any transcription of school, mainly university students, professors, doctoral students, etcetera.

Business Transcription: This transcription is used for general correspondence or any transcription of office requires.

Dissertation Transcription: This transcription is used for doctoral students completing their dissertation and usually involves a bulk of interviews used in preparing their final dissertation.

Focus Group Transcription: This transcription is used specifically for focus groups, and these groups generally consist of more than three or four speakers.

Market Research Transcription: This transcription is also self-explanatory and may or may not include more than one speaker. It is generally used for any transcription of market research.

Podcast Transcription: This transcription is used for transcribing podcasts. Some clients prefer to not only broadcast their podcasts live, but also place the transcripts on their website or merely to store in their archives.

Sermon Transcription: This transcription, of course, is used to transcribe sermons. Many churches like to be able to provide hard copies of their sermons to the handicapped or simply place them online for everyone to read.

Foreign language Transcription/Translation: Many companies are able to provide foreign language transcription and/or foreign language translation services. Please note this also may apply with any non-English language, not just foreign language. Check with the companies to see which languages they are equipped to transcribe.

Interview Transcription: This is the most commonly used transcription of transcription, as it deals with any transcription of interview between two or more people. Interview transcription can fall under most any of the other categories.

Lecture/Presentation Transcription: This applies to lectures or presentations, where there might only be one speaker. Sometimes, there will be an announcer to introduce the main speaker.

Text-to-Text Transcription: This is transcription, involving typing from written text (such as handwritten materials, .pdf files, etcetera.) into an editable MicroSoft Word document.

General Transcription: General transcription is the most commonly used type of transcription. General transcription covers a broad spectrum of areas, but basically includes interviews, lectures, presentations, podcasts, and all of the above types of transcription.

Speed, accuracy and peace of mind is what Type It Tiger offers in the provision of its typing and transcription services.

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