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Transcription services | Trustworthy and Reliable

Only the brightest and best writers are used by Type It Tiger for the provision of professional transcription services. Unlike many other transcription companies, we don’t use computer voice recognition software and we do not use off-shore transcription companies to do our work. Instead, all of our transcription services are carried out in-house by Type It Tiger by well educated native English speakers.

Our highly skilled typing services personnel ensure that the documents we deliver to you are publication perfect as soon as we deliver them. All your transcripts and minutes are professionally produced, quality-assured and delivered on time to your exact specification. Our writers can either attend your meeting in person or work from a recording, making our transcription services suit your needs.

We have a range of turnaround options, from a standard delivery of four working days to our specialised urgent delivery service of two hours after receipt of audio. Our team of professional writers and account managers have years of experience and are well versed in working in high-risk and confidential situations.Our clients are from many different backgrounds, so our account and project managers take great care to ensure that the most appropriate writers are allocated to your meetings. Your writers will have relevant experience in your business area – be that engineering, finance, HR or marketing. This means that your completed documents contain accurate language pertinent to your specific needs.

Many companies capitalise on outsourcing their transcription services. They rely on our documents to ensure that the salient points of speeches, press conferences, events and hearings are transcribed and published as soon as possible. All organisations, large and small, have meetings. Capturing the details of their proceedings is vital to enable the decisions made to be turned into actions, rather than be misinterpreted or worse, forgotten. By having our professional writers transcribe your meeting you can be sure that the details are fully captured in our transcription work.

Transcription services and minute taking are perfect for lots of operationally sensitive situations, including:

  • Financial meetings
  • Consultations
  • HR grievance proceedings
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Press Conferences
  • Internal briefings
  • Legal proceedings
  • Medical consultations
  • Marketing and PR briefings
  • Conferences and events

Another advantage of using a professional transcription service to record the minutes of your meeting is that your documents will be delivered exactly when you need them. This means that you can take swift action on the outcomes of your meeting, without waiting too long for the completed report.

Differing situations call for varying levels of detail to be taken. A grievance hearing or press conference may require a full verbatim transcription to ensure every word is recorded. However, an HR interview or sales conference may require less detail and be more suited to a minute taking transcription service. We can produce whatever type of document suits your requirements. Our account managers will always provide you with the best advice and support to ensure that your meetings run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our writers can:

  • Attend your meetings in person
  • Work from video or phone conference calls as well as from traditional recording methods such as tape and CD
  • Use digital audio files which can be securely uploaded via our SSL certified website

A better use of resources

For most businesses, having an internal team of full-time secretaries to provide typing servicesis neither viable nor a cost effective option. So, just as you might purchase the services of a specialist external design agency, or an IT services provider, outsourcing transcription and minute taking is a great use of your organisation’s resources.

Using Type It Tiger’s services means that your staff can get on with their daily tasks rather than be distracted by taking minutes. It can take up to four hours for one of our professional writers to complete a transcript for a one hour meeting. For internal staff it could take more than two or three times longer depending upon their typing speeds. Outsourcing of transcription services is therefore the most cost effective option for almost any business.

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