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Transcription services for small businesses

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Transcription Services

Do you run a business? Are you run off your feet and drowning in reams and reams of handwritten notes taken at client meetings? Or perhaps you have loads of dictation recorded? While this is a sign that your business is probably doing quite well, it also means that you probably lack the time that is required to type them up. After all, typing can be incredibly time-consuming – especially if you are not an expert typist, and many start-ups and small businesses neither have the resource nor the inclination to hire an in-house secretary. Many business owners in your situation outsource their typing needs to a professional transcription service. One of the highest regarded transcription services in the UK is Type It Tiger.

Fast and Efficient Transcription

Type It Tiger is developing a great reputation for providing businesses with a fast, efficient and secure typing service. Importantly, they are able to work to tight deadlines providing typists 365 days a year, even when your office is closed. Perhaps you have just realised that you need to have a report typed up by tomorrow morning but it is a Sunday and your office is closed. All is not lost – simply give Type It Tiger a call. Rather than struggling yourself, outsource your typing and get back to what it is that you do best – running your business. To get in touch with the team visit

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