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UK Transcription Services | Geographically Unrestricted

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Transcription Services unrestricted by Geography

UK Transcription services, typing services and secretarial services are all capable of being provided on an outsourced basis.

Not only does this bring enormous benefits in terms of cost savings and efficiencies to your business, but it also results in a reduction of legal obligations that arise by virtue of having employees doing the same work.

Best of all, the digital age allows for dictation and interview recordings in the form of digital audio and video files (e.g. mp3, wmv, mp4, wma) to be sent instantly over the internet (and Type It Tiger has a secure upload facility on its website) for transcription.

Once received the file will be transcribed into a typed document and emailed straight back to your desktop as one of the secretarial typing services offered by Type It Tiger.

You may be based in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Swansea, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin or Belfast – in fact whether in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales – Type It Tiger is able to offer a UK market leading transcription service to you, often with a same day turnaround – as though we were based in your very own office.

Type It Tiger is a quintessential British company offering outsourced secretarial, typing and transcription services to the whole of the UK.

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