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TasteScan | Welcome to the Future

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tastescan recommendation engine

Introducing TasteScan

Type It Tiger is at the cutting edge in the Internet service provision sector providing many services including website design and development.

Today we have launched a revolutionary concept TasteScan, a new service that promises to change the way in which we choose which packaged media to consume (books, music, movies and games).

 TasteScan is a recommendation engine that is tailored to your individual taste.

How many times have you seen a review that says “Film of the Year” or “Best Album” only to subsequently discover that you thought it was awful?

Statements such as “Best of the Year” are nonsense because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to personal taste. What I like you may dislike, and vice versa.
Similarly, conventional recommendation engines that purport to give a five star review that is equally applicable to all that read it are worthless. Amazon, IMdb and others have a flawed review methodology.

We have gone back to the drawing board and designed the future of recommendation engines.

The concept is simple and logical. Recommendations from like-minded people who share your taste will the most accurate. Accordingly, TasteScan assesses your taste and makes recommendations accordingly. Moreover, the reviews that you read from other users will  be ranked according to how like-minded they are with you – so the most relevant reviews for you will always be at the top.
TasteScan will allow you to determine what like-minded people thought about a film, a book, a game or a music album. In that way you will be able to make an informed decision about  how likely it is that it will be right for you.

Additionally, if like-minded people really enjoyed something that you have not yet seen, heard, read or played then TasteScan will recommend it to you.

Tailor made reviews just for you for you!

For more see our videos:

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