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Religious Typing and Transcription

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Typing and Transcription for religious leaders

Type It Tiger specialise in converting audio sermons and other religious audio or video into a typed text format.

No matter what religion they are, religious leaders have enough to do in the course of their day without being burdened with typing.

It is easy to underestimate the amount of time that typing takes. It takes us about four hours to transcribe, format, and proofread a one hour sermon…and that’s with the proper equipment, such as a foot pedal, headset and a typing speed of 90+ words per minute.

For the average non-professional typist it could take more than double this amount of time to type a sermon.

The better option is audio dictation of the sermon which may then be sent electronically to Type It Tiger who will take care of the onerous typing. The final transcript will be returned very quickly, invariably within 24 hours, ready to be delivered as a speech.

Considering the amount of public speaking that religious leaders do each week from delivering sermons to all of the weddings, funerals and many other community events it is no small wonder that religious leaders of all faiths are turning to typing and transcription professionals such as Type It Tiger.

The typing of religious sermons can be incredibly rewarding. The content is always full of colour and detail, there are usually strong underlying messages to be learned from the text being typed and what could be better than doing a job that furthers God’s work?

On a post sermon basis the ultimate goal is to transform audio or video sermons and lectures into print for others to read on an ex-post basis.

Following the typing process, the final typed transcript is ready for uploading to your Website or blog, distributing to your congregation, or a book, magazine or newsletter article. Many religious leaders are finding that posting their typed sermons on-line is giving them access to people that otherwise would be unable to attend their services.

While legal or medical transcription are common place, it might be harder to see the reasoning behind the lesser known sermon transcription. Religious transcription can be very interesting and rewarding, and it is an invaluable service for religious leaders.

If you are a religious leader and you require a fast, efficient and reliable typing service then please contact Type It Tiger today.


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