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Legal Transcription Services

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legal transcription

Legal Transcription Services

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Legal transcription is becoming ever more popular due to its speed and cost efficiency. This outsourced typing trend in the legal field is likely to continue. Legal transcription typing personnel, much like medical transcription professionals, will listen to audio dictation from solicitors, barristers, judges or recordings of client interviews or court room proceedings and then type them into documentary transcripts.

Legal transcription may include witness statements, interrogations, court hearings, affidavits and pleadings, which are typed into an easily understood document that will become a legal record.

Legal transcription outsource firms may work for larger firms in place of in-house secretarial services or for sole practitioners without the capacity to hire full time secretarial resource. Legal transcription outsourcing is also widely used by large corporations, governmental departments, insurance companies, and banks that all have a need for accurate recording of legal records and documents.

Offering legal transcription services is a specialist area requiring a solid understanding of legal terminology and formatting. Typing personnel are required to have impeccable spelling and grammar with very a good command of the English language (certainly a very well educated native English speaker).

Legal transcription professionals are hired by companies that choose to outsource the work for lower costs* and increased quality. By outsourcing, companies will generally have a quicker turnaround time because transcription and typing firms such as Type It Tiger offer a service even when the lawyers office may be closed.

Although they play a key role in the legal transcription professionals do not enjoy the same support from the legal industry as medical transcription services do in their industry. Despite that, legal transcription services are steadily becoming permanent fixtures on law firm and government department payrolls and the need for their services will likely continue to grow even more.

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