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Complex Medical or Legal Transcription

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Complex Medical Transcription or Legal Transcription Type It Tiger offers numerous transcription and typing services on demand. Transcription is the act of typing something that currently exists in the form of a voice recording or in note form, with the end result being a coherent hard copy typed document. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing your typing and transcription to Type It Tiger. Many professionals, such as medical staff, simply do not have the time to produce a full-written document from a recording or a set of notes, and may find that the time it takes to type content to be extensive and exhausting, whilst taking them away from their core business. The typists and secretarial staff at Type It Tiger are able produce documents at speeds of around 90+ words per minute, far above the rates that non-typists can expect to achieve

Free Up Your Valuable Time The fact that Type It Tiger staff can produce work so quickly makes the service ideal for non-typing professionals whose time may already be severely restricted. These speeds equate to a 4-5,000 word document being completed within an hour – something that could take about three hours if conducted by a non-typist. With secretarial resource that specialises in areas of medicine and law, if you have complex medical or legal transcription work to be completed, why not head to the website at today?

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