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Cheap typing transcription services

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Cheap and cost effective typing transcription services

The market standard rate for typing transcription work is £1/audio minute.

“How much?” people ask, “At that price I would rather do my own typing!”

Then, on reflection, they analyse the numbers and realise what a good deal that represents. Consider this…

The market standard speed for professional audio transcription is one hour of typing per 15 minutes of audio dictation.

This means that the labour cost of the transcription is only £15 per hour for transcription typing work by professional secretaries achieving a typing speed of 90+ words per minute (wpm).

Most clients are unable to match the typing speed of a professional typist. Most only achieve an average 30wpm. Accordingly, it will take them three times as long to type the same document – by typing themselves for three hours they could save £15 (equivalent to £5 per hour of their time)!

Are they seriously suggesting that their time is only worth £5 per hour?

Of course not!

It doesn’t get more cost effective than outsourcing secretarial services.

Accordingly, they outsource their typing to Type It Tiger thereby leaving the typing to the professionals while focusing on what they do best – their core business!

Do you think that outsourcing typing transcription services represents good value for money? Have your say on the Type It Tiger blog

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