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Are you finding it difficult to hit business goals / targets?

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Difficulty hitting business goals / targets?

We have been talking to decision makers at a variety of businesses in the UK, the US and in Europe. There is a recurring theme in the feedback that we have received and below are the three most common challenges that they are facing.

1)   They are unable to scale up or down team sizes in a dynamic manner according to work flows resulting in the business finding itself either short of capacity or having surplus capacity from time to time.

2)    Fixed costs are uncorrelated to variable revenue streams which has a negative cash flow impact during cyclical troughs in activity.

3)    Due to fierce competition and high input costs, margins are shrinking and a need to achieve greater operational efficiency is a critical part of the immediate strategy.

Ironically, these companies also had one other factor in common. None of them had harnessed the power of outsourcing which is the 21st Century solution to all of these problems.

At Type It Tiger we ensure that you have office assistance when you need it – fast, reliable and cost effective.

So confident are we about the quality of the service that we are able to provide, we are quite certain that once you have tried it outsourcing will become an integral part of your business strategy.

Our outsourcing services include:

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