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Academic and University Transcription Services

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Students, researchers, academics, lecturers and professors all require typing and transcription work to be done from time to time.

Most are too busy, or simply cannot cope with the tedious nature of typing from a recording or from notes.

It may be a series of interviews that have been recorded as a part of a dissertation or academic project that need to be transcribed in hard copy.

Perhaps a lecture, a guest speaker or an academic debate has been recorded and now needs to be documented.

Whatever the need Type It Tiger is able to help. It offers fast, accurate typing and transcription services which are all provided by well-educated native English speakers residing in the United Kingdom

We are often asked:

  • How can I find university transcription companies?
    • You have not only found a transcription company that specialises in academic work, but one that is a market leader in its field having undertaken work from Oxford University, Manchester University, Bristol University, Leeds University, Brunel University, etc. See some of our testimonials at the top of our typing and transcription page.
  • Where can I find fast reliable English transcription services for university work?
    • It may sound obvious, but English is the language spoken in England. However, being the most spoken language around the world, some countries have attempted to claim it for themselves. The issue to be aware of is that English spoken outside of England, particularly the corrupted form of English used in North America, is very different in terms of spelling and grammar. American style English is not acceptable within academic institutions in England – in fact you would fail an English language high school exam if you used American spelling and grammar. As such, use an English transcription service for your important University work and ensure that all of your transcription is in the Queen’s English.
  • How quick is your transcription service?
    • Subject only to the volume of work that you have for us, we attempt to turn transcription work around within 24 hours and sometimes offer same day transcription work
  • How can I find university interview transcription service?
    • Interview transcription is our forte. We transcribe in a script format distinguishing between each speaker. More importantly we offer verbatim interview transcription services, so you can be sure not to miss a thing from the recording.
  • What is the costs for academic transcription service? or
  • Are you able to offer cheap transcription services?
    • While we can’t help you with free transcription services, our rates are highly competitive and on the basis that our typing occurs at rates of approximately 90wpm, it simply is not worth you slaving for hours doing it yourself. Give us a call to discuss our rates and we will ensure that we offer you a great price.
  • Where can I find on-line University transcription service in the UK?
  • Where can I find a typing service to formulate a curriculum vitae (CV) for me?
    • Provide us with the facts and we will type your CV for you in a lightning fast time. Make the right impression with a professionally prepared CV. We even offer an on-line Internet based CV if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

Whatever your typing and transcription needs, contact Type It Tiger  on +44 (0)1494 763 223 or email

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