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The Evolution of Outsourced Typing and Transcription Services

The 19th Century saw the industrial revolution (the introduction of power from fossil fuels brought with it possibilities that had never before been imagined).

"But what does this have to do with typing and transcription services?" I hear you ask. Continue to read this transcript and all will be revealed.

New sources of power paved the way for the 20th Century which brought the technological revolution (from cars and airplanes to space age technology, television, radio and mobile telephony - the human race arguably advanced more in the previous century than in the entirety of its prior existence).

One of the key developments of the technological revolution was the advent of the computer. The computer set us up for the 21st Century in which we now enjoy the Internet revolution. Had the industrial and technological revolutions not taken place then you would not be reading this and I would probably be engaged in manual labour in a field rather than focussing on the provision of typing and transcription services.

By harnessing the power of the Internet, the way in which we live our lives is changing rapidly. Email has superseded the postal service as the most popular means to send communications. Google and Wikipedia have superseded the hard copy encyclopedia as the preferred means of research for our school children. High street retail has been decimated by uber efficient online retail, best exemplified by the success of Amazon and Ebay as super convenient market places that we are now able to visit from the comfort of our own homes.

The next step in the internet revolution will be achieving greater levels of operational efficiency in the service sector. We are moving away from the employee model of requiring human resource within a company and moving towards the outsourcing model - outsourcing typing and transcription services to pools of labour on an ad-hoc basis as and when needs require it.

Employment, particularly in terms of administrative functions within a company, has always been a prerequisite for almost all businesses.

By way of example, the need to have the typing of documents done quickly for business purposes meant that secretarial workers were required to be at the ready.

However, this is no longer the case. The speed and functionality that the Internet revolution has introduced into our lives now allows us to streamline the process of typing and transcription. Now it is possible to send out audio dictation instantaneously over any distance by email, have an outsourced typing transcription specialist transcribe that dictation into a typed document, and then have the finished typed product emailed back for printing just as quickly as if it had been prepared within the business itself.

The in house secretarial services model is outdated and inefficient. Instead, outsourced typing, transcription and secretarial services are the way of the future. The benefits of outsourcing are summed up in a single word - efficiency.

In-house secretarial staff require a company to commit to paying the employee for fixed hours of work each week whether or not there is in fact a sufficient volume of typing transcription work to be done. The result is that the employer will be paying for downtime in which the transcriptionist is painting her fingernails waiting for the next typing job to arrive. In addition, the employer will be paying National Insurance contributions, holiday leave, sick leave, maternity leave, redundancy pay, office overheads and more in relation to each and every secretary within the business.

Consider the alternative - a virtual typing and transcription services secretary. Outsource work to an independent typing and transcription specialist and only pay for the actual typing and transcription work that is done without any of the costs or legal obligations that employment brings. Moreover, specialist typing and transcription outsourcing firms invariably provide services 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that now we have the ability to have typing and transcription work completed even when our offices are closed.

Empirical evidence suggests that a company can reduce operational expenditure by over 50% as a result of harnessing the power of outsourcing office administration such as typing and transcription work (human labour is, after all, one of the largest costs to any business).

Not only do you make a cost saving, but you also make a huge time saving that puts you ahead of your competition.

Imagine dictating a letter last thing at night before retiring for a good night's sleep only to find that the letter has been transcribed and the final typed document is waiting for you in your email inbox when you awake first thing in the morning. This is not a tale from a land of make believe, neither is it some children's fairytale - this is the power of the internet relolution. Outsourcing your typing and transcription makes this kind of thing perfectly possible.

Outsourcing does not stop at only typing and transcription services. Credit control, market research, business analytics, graphic design, website development, photographic work, translation, mail outs and so much more may be outsourced.

Since outsourcing brings with it so many benefits, the question then becomes, "Why not?"

Type It Tiger is a specialist outsourcing company based in the UK offering a wide array of secretarial and office administrative services from typing and transcription through to website design, development and hosting. Its staff are well educated native English language speakers on the ready to serve your every need.

From its humble beginnings, Type It Tiger has grown rapidly and currently serves a wide variety of people working in diverse industries - from surveyors, lawyers and doctors to media companies and the academic world. Its clients typically use outsourcing for all manner of work including, but not limited to, the typing and transcription of audio dictation, videos, interviews, surveys, letters, reports, minutes of meetings, dissertations, essays and academic research.

No contracts; pay as you go for the work you need when you need it; a satisfaction guarantee; accurate, fast and efficient service; unique specialisation of labour to suit every job and enormous cost savings. What do you have to lose?

Those that harness the power of the Internet revolution within their businesses will flourish while those stuck in the past will struggle to survive. Such is the evolutionary process that is survival of the fittest.

Don't be left behind in the dark ages. If you have a need that can be met through outsourcing, join the internet revolution and call Type It Tiger today.